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Serving the Docklands and surrounding areas including Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, Poplar, Limehouse, Bow, & Mile End

Tutor Doctor Poplar

Serving the Docklands and surrounding areas including Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, Poplar, Limehouse, Bow, & Mile End

Test and Exam Preparation

Professional, Friendly and Local Exam Preparation Tutors

For over 15 years, Tutor Doctor has been providing one-to-one, in-home tutoring to help students prepare for their exams, from SATs and Entrance Exams through to GCSEs and A-levels, as well as a range of adult qualifications.

At Tutor Doctor Poplar our tutoring for exam preparation is completely tailored and designed according to the student’s specific needs for the exam they are taking.

exam preparation

Exam tutoring includes — but is not limited to — the following:


Ensure your child is on track to their academic target levels with a programme of home-based tuition which will broaden and deepen their understanding of the key subjects of English, Maths and Science. Using the student’s own school syllabus, home-based learning will actively reinforce their classroom learning, and leave them better prepared and more confident when the time comes for their knowledge to be tested. Using an individually tailored programme, which proceeds at the pace needed to ensure a firm grasp of the subject matter, our specialist tutors will help a wall flower to blossom, and turn an acceptable result into an outstanding one!

7+ & 11+

Although most schools say you can’t be tutored for their entrance exams, we find children perform better and with more confidence when they are familiar with the format of the exams. With our hand-picked tutors, they will focus on achieving a broader and deeper understanding of the key examination areas of English and Maths, plus Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning where required. Places at good schools are in very high demand and competition is fierce, so it helps your child to have a solid grounding in these exams to maximise their potential for success with speed and accuracy. Ultimately, this programme will accelerate their learning ability into the secondary school years. Most importantly, they will coach your youngster in a fun way, so that each student becomes more receptive to new learning throughout their academic life.

Common Entrance

11+ ISEB Common Entrance: Based upon two or more components from the 11+ exam syllabus, Common Entrance examinations for the numerous selective entry schools are taught by experienced tutors, many of whom have themselves been through this same process. Significant improvements in the student’s own confidence levels, plus a broad understanding of the key subject areas of Algebra and Verbal Reasoning form the basis for these upgraded junior school syllabus based exams.
13+ ISEB Common Entrance: We have tutored many children for one or more of the 13+ Common Entrance subjects, including French, Latin, Science as well as the more usual Maths and English. We require our tutors to be familiar with the C.E syllabus, and also to be able to tutor to at least GCSE level due to the higher standard of these exams.


Our subject-specialist tutors can assist a student struggling to absorb the breadth of content required of today’s GCSE syllabus, or extend the learning of a high achiever through their expert subject knowledge. Step by step, module by module, classroom reinforcement can best be achieved in the home under the guidance of an experienced tutor, whose sole objective is to ensure the student gleans maximum benefit from their own years of study. With exam preparation tuition covering all subjects, and with a range of vocational experiences to enhance academic learning, we can tailor a programme to meet each student’s specific needs.

AS/A2 Level

The step up in academic content from GCSE to A-Level can prove to be very challenging for many students. Our experienced tutors can help to bridge the gap. With learning reinforcement, techniques to help improve memory retention, contextualising the required learning and by sharing their own experiences with the student, they can jointly develop revision tools that meet the needs of each individual. We also provide Academic Coaching to high-achieving students seeking to attain top grades for University and beyond.


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