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Serving the Docklands and surrounding areas including Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, Poplar, Limehouse, Bow, & Mile End

Tutor Doctor Poplar

Serving the Docklands and surrounding areas including Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, Poplar, Limehouse, Bow, & Mile End

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Back to school means new teachers, friends, games, and most importantly, homework. While many students look forward to the start of a new school year, many others may suffer anxiety and dread the return back to class. If students feel well prepared for the new school year, their in-class performance and grades will reflect that confidence.

Going back to school can be stressful for many students because they have not practiced reading and maths over the summer and may have forgotten much of what they learned during the previous school year. Our goal is to prepare students before they return to school and then support them throughout the school year, so that they will feel confident about entering their new grade level.

Our professional tutors at Tutor Doctor are available year-round and can start working with students during their summer break to help give them a head start prior to the upcoming school year.

Tutoring is a great option for children who feel that they may fall behind early on in the school year and for those looking to get ahead. One of the best ways for students to succeed in the transition back to school is by practicing these simple tips:

  • New School? No Problem: Make sure your children are familiar with their new learning environment. Most schools offer tours for first-time students. Once your child is familiar with his/her new school, it will help minimise the first day jitters.
  • Organisation: Help your child keep her school items organised. Organisational habits can significantly reduce anxiety over lost assignments and missing items. It may help to keep a large wall calendar with all important school dates, assignments, birthdays and extra-curricular activities.
  • Develop good study habits: Ensure that your child has a set time each evening for homework and that their workspace is quiet and free from interruptions. Also note if your student has difficulty with a certain subject area and offer to help them or have a tutor work with them.
  • Homework Helper: Have your child tackle the hardest (and most disliked) assignment first. Getting that one done will make your student feel he has really accomplished something and he will sail through the remaining work.
  • Journaling: Encourage your child to keep a daily journal. This will help establish a regular writing routine, while also helping your child release any anxiety or worries they may be experiencing.

Tutor Doctor provides in-home tutoring programmes designed to help students from ages six to 106. Make this their best year ever, contact Tutor Doctor of Poplar today!

Proudly Serving the Docklands and surrounding areas including Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, Poplar, Limehouse, Bow, & Mile End.

All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home.

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